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The REETEAM is a French team that creates video games.
The initial project was created by Reno Ho. While passionate about programming since many years, it became necessary one day to show his creations.
In 2004, the official website was created by publishing its first projects. The pleasure of programming quality video games involves working with motivated and talented people (musicians, noisemakers, sound engineers, level designers, illustrators, etc).
After having passed through several steps, today the goal of the REETEAM is to provide video games on multiple platforms, from computers to consoles games.
Although it is a pleasure to make people working together on non-profit projects, the long-term goal is to go towards professional projects.
the name of the team
The word "REETEAM" is made up of two parts: "REE" and "TEAM". For "TEAM" it's easy since it means "Team". For "REE" we have to go back to the sources when the website was created. This word is composed of three letters which are initials: "R" for "Retro", "E" for "Evolution" and "E" for "Entertainement". The goal was initially to create video games in the spirit of the 16-bit era.
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