Lightning fate
development team
Project Manager, Programming, Graphic Design
  • Réno Ho

Project supervision
  • Shinsteph

Sound engineer
  • Gabriel Plante

  • Johan Tardif

Sound effect
  • Gabriel Plante

  • Réno Ho, Yann

Quality Control
  • Daniel Henri, Réno Ho, Shinsteph, Spriggan, Yann
about this project
SATURN MISSILE DEFENDER 2 had given a new start to THE REETEAM. This game had shown a significant evolution in programming, graphic style, sound effects, music and playability.
Proud of the result, LIGHTNING FATE started in 2013 and the first lines of code started in 2014. Wanting to be a game of quality, the initial development time has been lengthened: the game is scheduled for 2020.
LIGHTNING FATE is inspired by two great classics:
  • THUNDER FORCE 3 (Megadrive/Genesis) for the variety of its levels and its furious gameplay
  • HELLFIRE (Megadrive/Genesis) for the accuracy of its graphics and its difficulty
Given the huge amount of work required, once completed, LIGHTNING FATE will certainly be a commercialized and adapted project on different platforms, even if currently nothing is defined yet.
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