Lightning fate
French, English
System Requirements:
Windows, Gamepad compatible.
100% coded in C# & MONOGAME - Work in progress.
work in progress
English title (international): Lightning fate
French title: Laserpitium
Start of production: February 2013
End of production estimate: 2020
LASERPITIUM is a horizontal 2D shoot-them-up (side view) with parallax and multi-directional scrollings, fully hand-drawned HD graphics (1080p) and plays up to two players at the same time (local only).
Take control of one of the three ships of your choice and go to the different planets to eliminate each threat.
The action is omnipresent: you must destroy enemies but also pay attention to the elements of the scenery that can be even more dangerous.
During your missions, don't forget to collect the different bonuses that allow you to increase the power of your weapons, to recover energy or to earn points!
the story
In 2357, all the leaders of the galaxy S-08G signed a peace and cooperation treaty.
In order to optimize the management of the goods, the control of military forces and the well-being of the populations, the computer program EVA is created on the planet HELOS.
A few years later, EVA makes inconsistent decisions and creates serious social injustices. The military forces, now automated, directly attack all rebellions.
Today, a small group of resistants wants to restore the freedom and independence to the different planets. The mission is to attack all the military bases of the program EVA and annihilate HELOS.
the ships
In the selection menu, you can choose your ship and its color. You have the choice between 3 ships. They each have their own gameplay that allows you to approach the levels of different ways.
Ships have a primary fire and a secondary fire that you can use as you see fit. You can increase the power of your shots by collecting weapon bonuses during the game.
The ships also have a protective shield that can absorb enemy fire. You can restore your energy by recovering energy bonuses during the game.
Presentation of the vessels (from left to right):
    It's a military type ship. Its special feature is that it can pull forward as well as backwards. Thanks to its many guns, you can simultaneously hit an enemy with multiple shots and thus inflict large damage.
    The primary fire sends the projectiles forward. The secondary fire sends the projectiles backward.
    It's the second version of the famous battleship of resistance. It has almost no flaws: its size is compact, its firepower is impressive and its handling is exceptional.
    Primary fire sends projectiles forward. The secondary fire sends two projectiles diagonally but they are less powerful than a primary fire.
  • PROTO.26
    Here is the jewel of the technicians of the resistance: thanks to its experimental weapon, the on-board computer is able to target and directly send energy discharges to the nearest enemies.
    The onboard computer automatically locks the enemy closest to the ship: a bright target is attached to the locked enemy. When you shoot, energy dumps are sent directly to the enemy. These shots will overload the electronics and make it explode. Primary and secondary fire are identical.
head-up display
At the top of the screen you have an head-up display that allows you to see the energy of the ship & the number of lives, the power level of your weapon and the number of points.
Presentation of the head-up display (from left to right):
  • Energy and number of lives:
    The 3 green bars represent your energy: every time you get touched you lose energy. When you have no more, the ship explodes and you lose a life.
    The number on the right represents the number of lives: if this counter is zero and you explode, you lose the game. You can earn lives by accumulating bonus points or shooting at enemies.
  • Weapon power:
    Each time you recover a weapon bonus, your gauge increases. This gauge is composed of several levels: the more you activate levels and the more your weapon becomes destructive.
  • Score :
    This number increases every time you hit an enemy with your shots or you get a bonus points: in addition to flatter your ego, it will earn you extra valuable lives!
To recover an energy bonus, one of these green colored modules must be destroyed: the recovered bonus gives an additional energy bar. If you are already at the maximum, then you get the equivalent of a large bonus point.
To retrieve a weapon bonus, you must destroy one of these red colored modules: the recovered bonus gives an additional bar for the weapon gauge. If you are already at the maximum, then you get the equivalent of a large bonus point.
Point bonuses have the appearance of objects and are placed in the scenery. Try to get as much as you can to earn extra lives and finish the game with maximum points!
mission start
Start by choosing the difficulty mode: from the easiest for beginners, to the more difficult for experienced players.
Select the ship of your choice, choose the color and validate. Note that during your campaign you will not be able to change ship.
Choose the order of the first five missions and validate.
Let's go: the resistance counts on your success!
level 1: BOTALIA
BOTALIA is a planet covered with forests and plants: for the EVA program, the quality of its rare woods and medicinal plants have a great commercial value.
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • These sentinels are neither powerful nor fast ... besides they are so weak that they attack in groups to be more effective. They can change trajectories or attack from behind: so you have to be vigilant.
  • The bees are fast, but not very brave: they attack mainly by arriving from the front, send a gust of fire, then leave hurriedly. Beware of those who arrive from behind, because they are more discreet.
  • Missiles often leave the undergrowth and destroy you at first contact: they are not difficult to avoid, but be careful not to panic in the heat of the action!
  • Well hidden, these plants spring from the ground to pour their chemical pollen. They are not natural, they are machines that have only one goal: stop you!
  • DO-TO 90 is the mid-level guardian. It is massive and very mobile: you have to avoid its shots. To make matters worse, its two rotating turrets are oriented towards the players.
  • ALIX-A is the end of level guardian. its vulnerable point is his head. But you must be vigilant to avoid its waves of shooting and especially, especially not to approach him: it has an extremely effective defense shot that destroys everything in his path!
level 2: HYPTH
HYPTH was considered to be the cradle of humanity with its beliefs and deities. With time, men have forgotten knowledge of ancient ... these places are now perverted by the EVA machines. Infiltrate the sacred temple and destroy everything that has soiled this great civilization.
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • These flying heads move in groups to block the passage. Eliminate them before they move too much towards the center of the screen.
  • Do not be fooled by their small size: these beetles are very resistant and often attack from behind.
  • With fast moving, these statues shoot energy balls that are not easy to avoid.
  • Formerly destined to venerate the deities, these saucers now produce a dangerous strong blue energy.
  • Huge generators lasers that destroy you in one hit! Wait until they recharge to pass.
  • This sentinels run along the walls, but are not very aggressive.
  • This cannons are fixed on the walls and are indestructible; you'll have to avoid their shots.
  • These statues hold in their hands suns that send bright but dangerous shots!
  • Formerly supposed to protect the dead, these representations now protect EVA machines.
  • These sarcophagus mark the ultimate limit of the world of the living: they are programmed to let no one pass!
  • RAPOPHIS is the end of level guardian. It represents the victory of the EVA program against humans and against all spiritualities: the spirit of men being lost, it is easier to manipulate them. It's up to you to thwart the attacks of this abomination to definitely restore the original state of these places.
level 3: ROYC-3
The planet ROYC-3 is a cache for the ships of the EVA program: because of its rocky and underground structure, it is difficult to enter without being identified. Sneak into one of its many caves, go as far as possible, avoid the many rock falls and destroy a maximum of enemies!
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • They are not very aggressive and their trajectories are linear; be carefull when they are in number.
  • The sentinels move quickly and in number: be careful not to be hit! They shoot only after executing their U-turn.
  • They have a brisk diagonal move and continue fast forward while sending triple shots: they are not easy to aim for. It will be necessary especially to be careful not to be struck.
  • The emperor are the majestic enemies of these caves: to attack they deploy their double missile launching guns ... missiles that will have to be avoided as possible since at the slightest contact it is death guaranteed!
  • Despite their appearance, they are mines. If you try to destroy them or get too close, they explode, releasing several shots. The small eggs are harmless (however, do not touch them), only the bigger ones are dangerous.
  • These are static mines: you must not touch them or you will lose a life: in general they are placed to block the way, so do not hesitate to destroy the maximum.
  • PIM400 is the mid-level guardian. It has three rotating guns that can aim each player independently. It moves quickly while turning around you. Do not be intimidated by its imposing structure!
  • MK-IV is the end of level guardian. It is massive and moves quickly thanks to its vertical fixing bar. It has a very big firepower. Observe his movements and focus your shots on his weak point!
Note: the name of this planet, ROYC-3, is an easter egg from the game Roy CAVERNA which is the 3th game of THE REETEAM ;)
level 4: SILSIUS
SILSIUS is a planet covered with ice. Due to its extreme weather conditions, it shelters many enemy bases that remain invisible for the resistance. Go through the clouds, beware of enemies with optical camouflage and avoid dangerous ice picks to complete your mission!
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • They have circular movements quite unpredictable which makes them difficult to reach. Privilege a big power of shots.
  • These drones appear on all sides of the screen: you have to be careful not to hit them.
  • Equipped with optical camouflage, they appear and charge straight ahead.
  • Equipped with optical camouflage, these indestructible peaks are to be avoided!
  • Buried in the ice, these turrets arise and shoot with a 360 degree rotation. Just say it right away, it is better to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
  • Equipped with optical camouflage, these machines launch self-guided missiles that it is better to dodge.
  • NX-414 is the mid-level guardian. Rather massive, it follows you wherever you go. It has three shells of protections: with each new form it becomes faster. Think of anticipating his starry shots so as not to be stuck in a corner of the screen!
  • ST-64 is the end of level guardian. Powerfully armed, it attacks you by alternating gusts of fire and self-guided missiles!
level 5: ADVITAM
ADVITAM is a planet in perpetual fusion: it is for this particularity that it is used as a foundry for the EVA program for the manufacture of its military gear. Because of its highly corrosive and toxic atmosphere, you must navigate close to the ground to avoid damaging your ships.
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • Sentinels shooting straight ahead while on the move.
  • Dangerous machines: they revolve around you and have a fortified armor. Do not let them arrive in numbers on the screen!
  • These globes send multiple streams of plasma ... fortunately they are easy to aim!
  • They are not only impressive, but in addition they try to jam you if you are not quick enough to avoid them.
  • These are powerful generators of lasers: do not try to destroy them, they are invincible! Think about not staying in front of them.
  • These missile launcher stations are not very mobile, but are very resistant.
  • These huge vessels are equipped with many turrets and cannons. Focus on the turrets, because the rest of the hull is insensitive to your shots!
  • _PHX is the end of level guardian. No one knows what this new creation of the EVA program is, but resistance monitoring probes have detected electromagnetic activities that are extremely disturbing.
level 6: TRILTEX
On TRILTEX, the mission is to conduct a lightning attack against a convoy of goods containing high-tech electronic parts for the manufacture of EVA military machines. But beware, the convoy is heavily armed and can reach high speeds for a craft of this type.
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • These are the only flying robots to protect the convoy: their diagonal shots are particularly troublesome in the heat of the action.
  • Turrets with a high rate of fire.
  • Fixings that send many multidirectional shots.
  • Heavy machine gun: do not stay in front!
  • Powerful cannon that will try to repel you.
  • Rotary barrel with multiple shots and slow.
  • A fixation that sends several shots in line in your direction and that aims to limit your movements if you are not careful.
  • It's the train head: by wanting to sow you during the attack, the train has made accelerations that have damaged its energy generator. It is literally self-destruct ... you'll give him a hand so that it goes faster!
level 7: NOVA
NOVA is the planet of the elites. It has all the technological comfort and its inhabitants favor philosophical theories rather than human values. Being scrupulously protected by the EVA program, you go through the supply lines to reach your main objective.
Presentation of the enemies (from left to right):
  • Very fast sentinels who can anticipate your movement when they fire.
  • Fast-moving double-barreled enemies. Avoid being on their way!
  • Gigantic enemies with powerful weapons. Don't stay in front of them for too long.
  • Very mobile sentinels that fire in both directions.
  • These cannons are invincible: stay focused to avoid being hit by their shots. Do not hesitate to bypass them to avoid them.
  • This enemy has two invulnerable cannons at the top and bottom, but its central part remains vulnerable. Its vertical movements are very fast: you know what you have to do ... to be even faster!
  • A defense system that has a high rate of fire.
  • Sentinels with fast displacements, which shoot only if you face them.
  • Powerful cannons that come out of the ground to surprise you. They can also be fixed on ceilings.
  • Triple cannons fixed on the installations.
  • Heavily armed sentinels.
  • GeXeG GeXeg is the end of level guardian. It is an automated system which is both the creator of the NOVA paradigm and which at the same time feeds on the egregores generated by its inhabitants. If you liberate consciences, then you will liberate the inhabitants of NOVA.
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