Saturn Missile Defender 2
(most in French)
update history
02/12/2020 - version 1.1
  • added: the game is compiled with MONOGAME (previously with XNA)
  • added: the game is now distributed in portable version (no need to install it)
  • added: delay of 3 seconds after starting the game (to let some screens adjust the resolution)
  • added: can't play with windowed mode bigger than desktop resolution
  • fix: the game could sometimes freeze if vertical sync was disabled and if the frame rate was too high
  • fix: when playing in windowed mode, mouse clicks only affect the game window
  • improvement: even smoother game
  • improvement: music now in HD
  • lost: due to the transition from XNA to MONOGAME and the desire to keep the original sound effects, dynamic stereo no longer exists
12/29/2012 - version 1.0
  • initial Release
équipe de développement
Chef de projet, programmation, graphisme :
  • Réno Ho

Musique :
  • Joe Hartman

Ingénieur son, bruitage :
  • Benjamin Parret
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