Saturn Missile Defender 2
French, English
System Requirements:
Mouse or Trackball with 2 buttons
Coded in C# and MONOGAME
100% free!
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You are the co-director of the logistic station SATURN which is in orbit over Mars. Miners have decided to destroy this station. Your superiors order you to defend it as long as possible.
2049: men settled on Mars.
2061: the HIXRIA company entirely controls the mining on Mars and generates huge profits.
20XX: workers are fed up with being treated like slaves. After the destruction of the mines, rebels launch an attack on SATURN, the logistic station in orbit over Mars.
On that morning, you wake up with a start because of the station alarm. You soon realize that your employer, the HIXRIA company has evacuated all the staff.
When you have a look at the radar screen you easily understand what is going on: rebels are launching an attack, they are sending tactical missiles from Mars. You can see a footnote blinking on the screen: as co-director, HIXRIA orders you to defend the station as long as possible. They need more time to complete the financial transactions.
From now on, you know you must take over the controls, you're in a sweat because your time is limited...
What's new concerning this latest episode?
The graphics have evolved, what's more there are new elements as far as gameplay is concerned.
The rebels' missiles now fall in waves. Between each wave, HIXRIA will send you bonuses which will allow you to defend the station more efficiently. At each new wave, the number of missiles increases.
As they can't be physically present, HIXRIA will send you capsules in order to improve your weapons:
  • Yellow: 1 point of extra energy for your shield
  • Red: 1 extra mega-bomb
  • Blue: Automatic shooting. Hold your finger on the button to get an impressive shooting rate!
  • Purple: Hyper shooting. Once activated, your shooting moves instantly, whatever the distance!
  • Green: Maximal impact. Not only is the impact of your shootings greater, but also it remain two times longer on screen!
The time affecting the shooting bonus is limited. The more missiles you need to destroy, the more you feel like running out of time.
The number of mega-bombs is also limited . Each time you use them, they destroy all missiles visible on the screen.
The energy of the shield is also limited. It protects the station against missiles. Each time there is an impact, it releases an electromagnetic wave which destroys all missiles on the screen. Yet, you lose an energy point. When you no longer have any energy, the station explodes and you die.
Apart form dying, what will I gain?
Noting… apart from HIXRIA's eternal gratitude !
English translation by: Laurence NG
Réno Ho
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