Alice and the golden coins
Action, Puzzle
French, English
System Requirements:
Windows 95+, DirectX 7+, Gamepad compatible.
Coded with BLITZ PLUS. Single graphic mode 640x480 full screen. Technical support closed.
100% free!
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Alice must collect the coins scattered by the fairy Candice. If she manages she will have enough money to buy medicine and cure her critically ill grandma.
But let's recap first the beginning of this story. Alice lives with her grandma Tiba in the countryside. She loves simple things and above all she enjoys having fun. But one day her grandma tells her she's badly ill and she'll probably die as she hasn't got enough money to buy medicine.
Alice feels devastated. Tiba is the only family she has. While she's complaining in the woods she meets a very surprising fairy: Candice, contrary to her spends her time getting bored. In order to enjoy herself, she suggests her to win money thanks to her magic powers.
If Alice wins the game before the sunset, she'll manage to win enough money to save her grandma.
Collecting coins?
The layout of this game is quite simple. Candice is at the top of the screen. She moves from right to left and throws coins of different values. Alice stands at the bottom. She collects the coins thanks to her basket. Before each level, Candice tells her the minimum sum of money she needs to collect in order to reach the next level. If you win, the amount you win the amount of money you have gathered.
Isn't it a bit too easy?
Not at all. You must know that each time a coin touches the ground it loses its value. Others can bounce once and change direction without losing their value (these ones flicker). It becomes harder, because it means that you have to move to take them somewhere else in the level or wait until they come to you.
Note that not all coins are good to take. It's not necessary to run after a coin of 10, while a coin of 50 falls somewhere else!
Apart from the 0, 10, 20, 50 coins, Candice can also throw 2 other types of coins: the mystery coins, which can either make you richer or poorer. The best thing to do is to avoid picking them up. The other type of coins are stampe with Alice's portrait and they give you an extra-life.
What about the levels?
There are 28 levels, and each of them has a specificity. Candice has chosen the most uneven places of the forest to make Alice's mission more perilous. Indeed you must at the same time concentrate on the coins and be really careful about the landscape: platforms, lethal peaks, water which slows you down, hidden holes, lava, etc.
Can I play now?
Of course you can, but remember you must persevere. Even if you don't manage to complete a level, keep cool and try to learn from your errors. Just have a good look at Candice's behaviour and try to learn by heart your travel sequence.
Good luck!
English translation by: Laurence NG
Réno Ho
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